Saturday, July 31, 2010

"A Day in the Life of Miss Minnesota: Sunrise to Sunset”

This past Thursday, July 28th, was packed from sunrise to sunset! My day started with an interview in Moorhead on KVLY Channel 11, Valley News Live from 5:30 – 7:00AM, which means that I was up before the sun! Fortunately, the host who conducted my interview, Steve Poitras from KVLY, joked so much that I didn’t even think about being a bit sleepy at 5:00am! Further, this television interview presented a great opportunity to promote two of my upcoming “Night of Inspiration” Concerts taking place in Thief River Falls (August 2nd) and Moorhead (September 12th). Hillery from Sanford Children Hospital (formally known as Merit Care), a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, also joined me to promote the concerts as Sanford Health will directly benefit from the money raised through these events. For those who are unaware of the “Night of Inspiration” Concerts, they are an integral part of my platform Inspiring America: Crowning the Good in Your Neighborhood.

The "Night of Inspiration" Concerts have been used to showcase the true strength and spirit of America furthering the cycle of positive inspiration around Minnesota with the intent to bring it nationwide as Miss America. These "Night of Inspiration" Concerts offer flexibility to meet the specific desires of each community. In many Minnesota communities, the concert is used to unite communities by showcasing local talent and sharing uplifting stories of their neighbors. In other communities, the concert is used to inspire youth to excellence by offering testimonies that compel them to make positive choices amidst growing pressure. Also, these concerts specifically highlight the most courageous children and their families who can inspire all of us with their gracious displays of strength. These concerts have served as an opportunity to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network through a free will donation. Additionally, the sale of my CD, “Blessed Beyond Measure,” featuring 12 of my original works, is also being sold at these concerts and at all appearances (also available at to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and the Miss Minnesota Scholarship Organization.
I am so excited to already have several concerts booked for this year as Miss Minnesota, but I would love to add more! If you would like one in your area to recognize and honor the good in your neighborhood, contact me at

While I was in Moorhead doing the interview at Sanford Children’s Hospital, Hillery gave me a tour of the facility. It was incredible! A local artist from Detroit Lakes, who wrote a children’s book, transformed the hospital into the world of his characters. This man is a sculptor, artist, and author who has made the hospital truly magical creating an atmosphere that instantly uplifts the children about inspiration!
Later that evening, I was at the Becker County Fair with one of our fantastic State sponsors, “Dazzle Me Jewels.” They have been so generous with their beautiful and unique jewelry. Check out the necklace I am wearing in the photo! All the jewelry I have been wearing for my appearances are from Dazzle Me Jewels and CoCo and Chloe, another generous sponsor!

I am looking forward to the upcoming pageants and concerts so stay tuned as I will have much more to write about!

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