Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to life, Back to reality!

It has been a little over two weeks since I have been home from Miss America and I can’t quite believe that actually happened…what an amazing experience that was!!! I have been keeping in touch with a few of the other state titleholders, which is one of the greatest things I know I will take from this experience. The new Miss America, Theresa, wrote all of us a really nice email. Considering how crazy busy she is right now, I found it so thoughtful that she took the time to write us a message.

While I have not had many appearances since I have been home it has been a great opportunity to catch up on sleeping, eating :), and some great personal events. The week following Miss America, I went home to help my piano students compete in the Minnesota Music Teacher’s Association Competition. I obviously was not available to teach them during my time at Miss America, so I was beyond proud with how each and every one of them performed. Almost all of my students won and will be competing at the state level in March! I enjoy teaching piano so much and I have so appreciated how flexible my piano families have been with my Miss Minnesota schedule. We have even done some lessons over Skype, which is pretty cool!

We also have had some exciting additions to our family! I became an Aunt to my sister Kim’s new baby twins! They were born two days after I came back from Miss America so I tell Kim it was nice of her to wait for me to get back to have them! ;) They are two perfect blessings, a boy, Liam Jon, and a girl, Olivia Katheryne (Kim asked me to be her Godmother…how exciting!). I have been spending a lot of time being Auntie the past few weeks and it has been wonderful.

Of course, it hasn’t been all fun and no work! Last week I was interviewed by Fox News for a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals commercial that will be featured during the Super Bowl. I know a lot of people love watching the commercials during Super Bowl Sunday, so now you get to watch for me (though I don’t know how much of our interview they will be using…just a disclaimer in case it’s a quick second!)!

I am excited to be back in pageant mode this weekend at the Miss Coon Rapids Pageant! (I can’t believe there are only two more pageants left and then Miss Minnesota will be here…but, I don’t want to think about that yet!) For those competing in our final two local pageants, remember to enjoy the journey as much as you would your preferred destination. If I have learned anything from pageants it is that you have no control over the outcome! You just have to present the best YOU so no matter what happens you know you didn't compromise or change the core of who you are. Just have fun and know you will grow each time you compete, win or lose! Some of my best friends are from pageants so take advantage of the fact you are surrounded by women who are just as talented, intelligent, and driven as you are! I am rooting for you all!


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