Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Miss America Journey - Day 9, Part 2

This is my final blog at Miss America! I cannot believe tomorrow is the final night of competition and my last day at the Miss America Pageant! I also can’t believe it will be my last and final pageant competition. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It really is the best year to be competing for Miss America because of the 90th anniversary. I have been able to meet so many former Miss Americas and it makes me wish all the more to be a part of that sisterhood. I have no idea who the judges are going to pick for their top 11 or who America will pick for their top 4 so tomorrow’s show is going to be so suspenseful! We had rehearsals all day today and it really is going to be an entertaining night. I expect all of you to have a Miss America Party to watch the show on ABC!

Tonight was such a nice evening at the Night of Dreams Event. I was able to just enjoy my family and relax a little bit! Forty-eight of the 65 living Miss Americas were a part of the event!!

I am going into tomorrow night with a completely open mind. I have envisioned myself winning Miss America and the possibility of not placing at all. Either way, I know I will be leaving here with no regrets and a huge appreciation for my state, my friends, family, and supporters, and for this Organization. Oh, and leaving with lots of new friends! We have been told by the stage crew and hostesses that we are one of the best group of contestants they have had. Honestly, there is no drama or cattiness. All of us are experiencing this together and have truly gotten along so well!
I ask for you to again keep me in your prayers tomorrow… and I promise I will rock the stage and do my best! I love you all so much! Your support and good wishes have meant so much to me and have kept me going on these strenuous days!

Love, Kathryn


  1. You truly are beautiful INSIDE and (obviously) out! The picture of you with your family is my favorite :)


  2. I'm so excited for you! It's been so fun reading and taking a little journey w/ you! It has been so fun watching prelims and seeing you SHINE! I can't wait to watch you tonight!! In the last few years that I've been able to work with Miss MN you've been my fave Miss MN thus far. Truly, amazing! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!