Monday, September 6, 2010

Minnesota State Fair!

I hope everyone was able to get out to the Minnesota State Fair while it was open. I spent 13 hours there on Thursday and had the greatest time! My feet and stomach might tell you otherwise but it was well worth it! I thought it would be fun to do this blog more as a picture book instead because sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, or at least a couple sentences in my case...

I started the day off at 7:30am at WCCO News to do an interview.

Throughout the day I stopped and gave numerous interviews with all the local media booths.

I was even able to perform at one of the stations, Garage Logic (1500 ESPN), with Joe Soucheray. He was a good sport. I gave him a hard time for trying to get me to write a song... about a tractor!?

After indulging in more than my fare share of fried fair food, I did a blindfolded food-eating contest on Twin Cities Live!

... and guess who won?!!!

While walking around the fair many people stopped me to say hi, take pictures, and sign autographs. My favorite encounters are when little children see me coming and have this wide-eyed gaze upon them. What they don't know is that it is just as special for me as it is for them.

All and all it was a fantastic day! But, on second thought, maybe it's a good thing the Minnesota State Fair only comes once a year.... you know, with the deliciously fattening food and all!

God Bless You,
Kathryn Knuttila
Miss Minnesota 2010

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  1. Kathryn, My little girl is one of the children at the fair that stopped to have a picture taken with you. I am going to put it on my blog and googled you first so I could get your name right and link to the Miss MN site...imagine my surprise to see that you are from DL! We live in Fergus Falls and attend church in DL every Sunday and Wednesday. What a small world! My daughter Kamiryn LOVES all things princess and cherished meeting you at the state fair. Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy schedule to make my little girls' day!