Monday, December 6, 2010

One Month to Go!

It has been a while since I last blogged! I can’t quite believe I leave for Miss America in one month! I have dreamt about the possibility of competing for Miss America ever since I can remember, but now that it is becoming a reality; it’s hard to believe!

I have had some great appearances during the past week or two, but the majority of my time (as you can imagine with Miss America being only a month away!) has been spent preparing for Miss America with mock interviews, performances, practices with talent and walk, fittings, shopping, and the list goes on. It’s amazing to think how much goes into 14 days at Miss America! One of the ways I have found most beneficial in preparing is to seek as many “real” opportunities as possible…everything from talent, to community service, to speaking…the more my skills are tested in the public, the more confident and comfortable I become. This has been something I have practiced and learned to be true over four years of competing, so if you’re a competitor looking to improve don’t be shy about seeking opportunities for yourself.

Speaking of opportunities, I recently performed the National Anthem for the Women’s Gopher Game. I had a lot of fun writing my own arrangement of the National Anthem, and hope I can do it again! It’s not often that the National Anthem is just played on piano with no vocal accompaniment, but it sounded really cool!

I also had the opportunity to improve my bowling skills…not that this will help me for Miss America, but it might come in handy some day! For those who know me, you know I am not the best bowler whatsoever! But, this Sunday presented the chance to be a part of the Bowlathon Fundraiser for Gillette where I was honored to be a part of Team Davis. Emily Davis was an inspiring American we recognized at the Maplewood Night of Inspiration Concert. is an incredible trouper and her family is not only so supportive of her, but also a lot of fun! Lucky for me, Emily must have sent a little luck my way because I bowled a 132! (Now remember, for me that is really good so no making fun if that seems low! We all have our own gifts!) With over 20 teams participating in the event, I know it was a success for Gillette and a very fun night for us all!

I also put my stage skills to test at the “Night of Inspiration” concert in Coon Rapids this past Saturday night. As always, we left inspired by individuals who have overcome such adversity with the most positive attitudes. I am so thankful for those who took the time to nominate the individuals who have made a difference in their life so more people can be positively impacted by these inspirational men and women. The stories will be posted on very soon, which I am working on updating it, so check it out to read some of the inspiring stories that will be posted soon! We also highlighted talent from a previous Miss Coon Rapids and Miss Minnesota as well as some local talent. I must say, I think we found a future Miss Minnesota—she is an 11 year old dancer, Miranda, who impressed us all with her technique and grace! It is so much fun to witness all the incredible talent and humbling stories of the people of Minnesota!

It’s hard to believe but this was the last pre-Miss America concert!! If I am honored with the job of Miss America, I look forward to continuing the Community Concert tour across our great Nation, but if I return as Miss Minnesota, no doubt we will continue the tour across our great state of MN!

Although the concerts are on hold for awhile now, the website nominations are not! We are still looking for your Inspiring American’s story! If you haven’t nominated them yet, now is the time to do it! With Christmas just around the corner, this is your opportunity to bless someone letting them know how much of a difference they are really making. All nominated individuals will receive a certificate recognizing them as an Inspiring American--what an awesome surprise you could give someone in the mailbox, in the midst of bills and other junk mail, to receive a personalized certificate honoring them for their inspirational ways! To honor the unsung heroes and the person who has made a difference in your life, just click here!

Speaking of Christmas, don’t forget to order a copy of my original piano CD entitled, “Blessed Beyond Measure,” featuring 12 compositions featuring one with violin. It makes an awesome Christmas present for the listener and for CMN with all proceeds directly benefiting the local hospital! I have diligently raised funds for this inspiring cause and am so close to my goal! The CD is only $10, and can be ordered at Help me make a difference in the lives of the families that are treated at Gillette Children’s Hospital. Please share with your friends and family and give the gift of music!

Have a beautiful Christmas season!
Kathryn Knuttila
Miss Minnesota 2010

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